With a modern machine park with highly skilled and experienced staff, we are prepared to meet today's kravbild on quality and delivery precision.  

Our aim is to always be on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest developments and together with our customers to create long-term relationships, which leads to effective solutions for our customers. 

We focus on high quality manufacturing, with the latest news in technological innovations.




Merx Svenska AB broadens our offering and can now offer additive manufacturing in a Stratasys F170 with FDM technology.

FDM is a manufacturing method where the strong engineering plastic is melted down and then placed layer by layer.

With the FDM-the technology will be durable and strong prints to suit all application areas where you want to make t.ex. robust prototypes or lightweight parts in strong konstruktionstermoplaster.


Please contact us for further info and quote.

A common problem within the industry is whether the material purchased meets the specifications. If it is the wrong material in a product that already has been introduced on the market it can become very expensive operations, which is almost impossible to repair. In order to avoid costly problems can Merx English already in the product development phase, conduct independent tests of materialkvalitéten from different vendors.


Multipurpose machines

Multifunktionsmaskiner och svarvar

Measuring machines

3D printing / Additive manufacturing 



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